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Argo Project

The Argo Project comprises a number of shallowly worked historic pits and trenches. The project is in the northwest corner  of Nash County, 16km north of Nashville, North Carolina. Two  kilometres to the north of the workings, beyond the Argo Project, is the Mann-Arrington mine that was last mined in 1894. Whilst there is some undocumented exploration work completed at the  Mann-Arrington  mine  site  in  the  early  1930s, there is limited modern style exploration recorded from the Argo property.

Location of the Argo Project

The small-scale historic workings at the Argo Project are extensive, and there is potential to undertake  systematic surface prospecting and mapping to define extensions to known mineralisation. The application of modern exploration techniques for epithermal or vein style  mineralisation  would  include  surface  geochemistry, ground geophysics and drilling.

In 2017, CGR completed initial exploration work, including:

  • acquisition and interpretation of detailed LIDAR images;
  • compilation of available datasets including regional geology and land titles into a GIS; and
  • surface grab sampling and multi-element geochemical analysis with high grade grab samples from banded quartz veins including 12.65g/t Au, 8.06g/t Au, 6.80g/t Au and 5.85g/t Au.