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Group Overview

Lexington Gold (LSE: LEX) is focused on the exploration and development of its four diverse gold projects, covering a combined area of over 1,500 acres in North and South Carolina, USA.

The projects are situated in the highly prospective Carolina Super Terrane (“CST”), which has seen significant historic gold production and is host to a number of multi-million-ounce mines operated by majors and was also the site of the first US gold rush in the early 1800s, before gold was discovered in California.

Jones Keystone & Loflin Projects (JKL)

Carolina Belle Project

Argo Project

Jennings-Pioneer Project


  • The four GAR Projects are situated in the highly prospective Carolina Super Terrane, which has seen significant historic gold production yet with limited modern exploration;
  • The region is also host to a number of multi-million-ounce mines with similar geology to the GAR Projects, operated by third party majors;
  • The Carolinas represent a developed and stable jurisdiction, with modern local infrastructure and ready access to operational resources;
  • The strong prevailing gold market environment makes the potential of the GAR Projects particularly attractive;
  • Excellent Board and management team with significant mining and, in particular, gold mining experience; and
  • Strong local joint venture partner in Uwharrie Resources Inc., which has significant local knowledge and expertise and, in particular, knowledge relating to the local geology and GAR Project areas.

Minimum Funding Requirements

For the Company to retain its 51%. membership interests in the GAR Projects, it has to make certain Minimum Funding Contributions in respect of each of the projects in each of the four years and throughout the four year period following admission to the aggregate sum of AU$5 million.

A breakdown of the Minimum Funding Commitments is detailed below:

ProjectTotalYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Carolina Belle1,500,000250,000100,000100,000100,000

In the event that the Minimum Funding Contributions are not satisfied by the Company, Uwharrie Resources Inc., the Company’s joint venture partner, has the option to acquire the Company’s 51% interest in the relevant project for a nominal sum of AU$1. 

At the end of the four year period and the satisfaction of the Minimum Funding Contributions, the Company will have the option to increase its interest to 80% by meeting Further Funding Contributions in years 5 and 6, should Uwharrie Resources inc. elect not to fund its proportionate share of future costs. 

A breakdown of the Further Funding Contributions is detailed below:

ProjectTotalYear 5Year 6
Carolina Belle2,500,000100,000100,000

If the Company does not make the Further Funding Contributions in years 5 and 6, it will retain its 51% interest in the GAR Projects.